Credit Builders

We are not just a deletion machine. Building positive credit is just as important as avoiding damaging inquiries. Unfortunately, adding positive tradelines can be a difficult task for those that need it most, as obtaining credit most often requires a high credit score. The additional services below are intended to help those that need to expand their credit profile. Your C24 Credit Solutions representative can provide you with further information and enrollment.

Do you rent your current home? Are you living in an apartment complex? If you’re a renter, your largest monthly expense is likely your rent payment – just as a homeowner with a mortgage payment. The difference? Homeowners build their credit score with their on-time monthly payments each month. Shouldn’t you be rewarded with positive payment history for being a responsible renter? After all, you could be penalized on your report for a rental eviction. Completing a simple online registration form will allow you to not only have these payments reported to your credit report but will also allow you to backdate your rental history for up to two years!

We have team-up with several companies to help extend your credit. These companies are approving 90% of our client and extending them new credit  to help improve their scores. Contact us for a list of our preferred vendors.